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*All positions are full-time, unless otherwise noted

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Gilroy – Driver, Class A

(Job Code: GIL-DA113016)
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Livermore – Night Driver, Class A

(Job Code: LVM-DA040615)
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Oakland – Driver, Class B

(Job Code: OAK-DB061617)
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San Francisco – Driver, Class B

(Job Code: SFO-DB041017)
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Santa Clara – Driver, Class A

(Job Code: SCL-DA030416)
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Santa Rosa – Driver, Class A

(Job Code: SRO-DA040517)
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Gilroy – Field Mechanic

(Job Code: GIL-MF112415)
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Livermore – Equipment Mechanic

(Job Code: LVR-ME042417)
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Martinez – Tool Mechanic

(Job Code: MAR-MT053117)
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Richmond – Equipment Mechanic

(Job Code: RCH-ME040417)
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San Francisco – Equipment Mechanic

(Job Code: SFO-ME031115)
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Santa Rosa – Equipment Mechanic

(Job Code: SRO-ME060117)
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Livermore – Dispatcher

(Job Code: LVR-DI060817)
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Martinez – Counterperson

(Job Code: MAR-CP040617)
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Burlingame – Yard Attendant

(Job Code: BUR-YA041017)
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Lafeyette – Yard Attendant

(Job Code: LAF-YA063016)
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Livermore – Yard Attendant

(Job Code: LVR-YA012317)
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Montclair – Yard Attendant

(Job Code: MON-YA042617)
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Redding – Yard Attendant/Counterperson

(Job Code: RED-YC040717)
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San Francisco – Yard Attendant

(Job Code: SFO-YA040517)
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Lafayette – Assistant Manager

(Job Code: LAF-AM110416)
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Redding – Outside Sales Representative

(Job Code: RED-SR052217)
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San Francisco – Sales Associate

(Job Code: COR-SA052617)
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Livermore – Customer Relations Specialist

(Job Code: COR-SC062916)
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Livermore – Human Resources Generalist

(Job Code: COR-HR052217)
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If you are interested in any of our current job openings, the following is required to be considered for a current job opening:

  1. Completed online employment application with a valid JOB CODE (noted under Job Title)
  2. Submit Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) from DMV within last 30 days, detailing 10-year driving history, uploaded to your online application

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